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    Hello, welcome to NetTv4Free. This site was created to educate everyone on all the amazing television programming available out there on the internet. On this site you will find all the resources you need to drop your cable or satellite company and start enjoying Free Tv from the worldwide web. You will also find short films, mini movies, fan films and lots of fun flash games to play. Feel free to navigate through all the pages of this site and have fun while learning about Internet tv. Internet Tv is the delivery of video television programs over the Web. It is sometimes referred to as: Online TV, Web TV, Net TV, Tv on PC, PCTV, Broadband Tv, Videocast, Video Podcast, Video Stream, or Streaming TV. With the increasing speeds of the Internet, getting access to the millions of radio and TV stations out there is a cinch. Local television stations and popular cable channels can be found online. These include channels like the Sci-Fi Channel, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, USA, Fox, NBC and they are free to watch. Many sites now offer streaming shows directly on their website. You can go on Comedy Central, FreeTube, or ABC HD and watch entire shows. They have short ads instead of requiring you to purchase the episodes. The ads usually run thirty seconds or less, so it’s far less painful than traditional TV. The most popular of all these sources are Hulu and Youtube. Hulu currently hosts more ad-fueled free TV shows than anywhere online. You don’t need to do anything special to start, just go to our Free Tv Websites page and find something to watch.

    Until now there has been no application or website that aggregates all of the internet tv resources out there into one easy to access place. That's where NetTv4Free comes in. Bookmark this site and you will have easy access to all our internet tv resources whenever you wish. It's about time to free yourself from your cable or satellite provider. You don't need to pay the satellite or cable companies to watch tv. Eliminate that outrageous cable tv or satellite bill and still get all the premium television content you enjoy now, absolutely free. Besides saving literally your entire TV cable bill every month, watching internet tv has some other great advantages. You won’t be plagued by commercials. Most content is shown commercial free, but even when there are commercials they’re never more than thirty second breaks. You also have the advantage of watching what you want, when you want. You can pause it, watch more later, and pick whatever show and episode you want. You’ll be able to easily watch an entire series from start to end and enjoy it far more.

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   Let's go over what you will need and what you wont need to get quality channels over the net.  For starters you will need High Speed internet service of course. And when we say High Speed we mean speeds of at least 5mbps or higher. You may be able to get buy with 3mbps but the playback quality would depend on many factors and we're not sure if you could pull it off.  Streaming television over the net depends on the bandwidth that's available to you so the higher the internet speed the better. Also it's safe to say that if you do not have a pc that is at least fairly new you might be out of luck as older pc's just don't have the muscle or the graphics card capabilities that are required. So you must have good internet speed and a fairly new pc with a decent graphics card to stream tv to your pc. Also in terms of operating systems I would recommend Vista or Windows 7. You may be ok with Xp depending on your pc and graphics card but we are recommending Vista at least.

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    One very important element here is how to get the internet tv that we're going to teach you all about to your television so it can replace that costly cable or satellite you currently subscribe to. The best and most convenient way is simply to connect your pc to your tv via HDMI or VGA connections. If you have that option it is the simplest and most effective way to go. Not everyone can connect their pc directly to there tv either because of location or the available connections thier tv's have. But don't dispair because there are other options for those that cannot. Remember this site is all about FREE FREE FREE Tv from the net and you will never have to pay a dime for anything except of course what you pay your Internet service provider for internet that is.  Now there are a few programs I will recommend you put on your desktop to increase the number of tv channels available to you but they are all FREE. And there are also programs that cost a little that you can add too, but they are optional and will only serve to add to your arsenal of available channels. Click on the sidebar to continue.

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